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    Law Articles


    Ad Hoc And Institutional Arbitration
    The Predicaments of Enforcing Arbitral Awards
    Singapore Arbitration - Promoting Arbitration As A Means of Resolving Commercial Disputes
    Application of Lex Mercatoria in International Commercial Arbitration
    Indian Domestic Arbitration: A practical approach

    Army Law:

    Summary Court Marital And The Indian Judiciary
    Summary Court Marital

    Family Law

    Nullification of Marriage - An Annulled Marriage
    Concept of Marriage in Muslim Law
    Misuse of Anti Dowry Laws - The other side of the coin
    Sources of Islamic Law
    Pre-Nuptial Agreements
    Recognition of Equality Marriage
    Guardianship Under Hindu, Muslim, Christian And Parsi Laws
    Privilege In Matrimonial Communication And The Abuse of Its Sanctity
    Till Divorce do us Apart
    Child Custody under Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Parsi Laws
    Muslim Marriage in India
    The Concept of Divorce under Muslim Law
    Family Courts in India
    Should Irretrievable Breakdown Be The Ground of Divorce In Personal Laws of India
    IPC 498A: A Critical Analysis
    Adultery - Section 497 IPC
    Extra-Marital Relations and its Impact on children
    Section 498 IPC
    Muslim women's right for dissolution of marriage - Muslim Divorce - Marriage is a sanctified contract

    Media Laws

    Sting Operation –To be or not to be in India
    Freedom of Press - Printing Media law
    Freedom of Press - Indian Constitution
    Trial By Media: A Legal Dilemma Resolved With Reference To Jessica Lal
    The Code for Self - Regulation in Advertising
    Judiciary and the Role of the Fourth Estate

    Land mark Judgment on Sting operation - Anirrudh Bahal v State of Delhi

    Courts And Justice System

    Foreign Law Firms In India
    Should Judge be a Hermit
    Litigation and Delays in India
    Friend of the Court- Amicus Curiae
    Examination in Chief
    Motive Preparation and Previous or Subsequent Conduct
    An Open Letter to the Bar Council of India - Advocates Protection against Malicious Prosecution Rules, 2008
    Contempt Power of Court
    The Concept of the Contempt of Court
    Becoming An English Solicitor
    Legal System in India - International norms influencing national legal system
    Conflict between Interest and Duties of a Lawyer
    Globalization and the Indian Legal Fraternity
    Independence of Judiciary - Some Latent Dangers
    Personal Dignity: Tracing The Role of Indian Judiciary In Its Interpretation
    Protection against Ex Post Facto Laws and Indian Legal Scenario
    Right To Speedy Trial – Problems And Solutions
    Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers
    Justice Without Power Is Inefficient - Power Without Justice Is Tyranny
    Judiciary Rights Beyond Information

    Property laws

    Transfer of Property By A Co-Owner Section 44 of Transfer of Property Act
    Downward trend of Indian Real Estate - A boon for NRI
    Process of Land Acquisition
    Intestate Succession: Devolution of Property After The Death of A Hindu Without A Will
    Land Acquisition Act – Under the Scanner of the Supreme Court
    Uniform Land Revenue System in India
    Temporary Occupation of Land
    Abolition of Zamindari System in Rajasthan
    Constitutional Validity of the Land Acquisition Act, 1984

    Law of Contracts

    Third Party Beneficiary Rights
    The rule of privity of contract is the principle that a third party cannot sue for damages on a contract to which he is not a party. This rule has been strongly criticized in recent times, - - Kartikeya Rawal
    Vicarious liability of Directors And officers on Bouncing of Cheques

    Government Contracts
    Liquidated Damages
    Wagering Contracts
    E-contracts and issues involved in its formation
    Relevance of Quasi-Contracts

    Law of Jurisprudence

    Doctrine of Frustration & Force-Majeure Clause
    There is always a sense of confusion when it pertains to Doctrine of Frustration and clause of Force –Majeure in an operating contract. - - Priyadarshi Debashis Satapathy
    Critically analysis of Doctrine of Pleasure
    Res Judicata in India
    Comparative Analysis of Rule of Law in India and UK
    Rule of law - A reflection upon we the people and beyond
    Nemo in propria causa judex, esse debet / The Rule Against Bias
    Law and Morality: Moores Philosophy
    Doctrine of Indoor Management and exceptions to this rule
    Res Gestae
    Constitutional Morality And Judicial Values
    Austin's theory of Sovereignty in modern India and Pakistan
    Public Policy - Zoroastrian
    Doctrine of pleasure and its proviso article 311 of Indian Constitution
    Constitutionalism - changing paradigm
    Presidential Pardon: A legal, historical and political perspective

    Crime against Woman Laws

    Changing Facets of Sexual offences
    This article mainly aims at the man's illicit temptations, which makes him incompetent to realize the value and modesty of a woman. There can be no question of real civilization until a relentless campaign against the domination of sexual urges is well on its way - - Ashok Priyadarshi Nayak

    Victims of Trafficking in India - Legal Rights - flesh trade
    Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2006-Was it worth the effort?
    Women and Violence
    Commercial Sex Workers in India - laws governing Sex Workers
    Gender Inequality
    Law, Women And Advertisements
    Trafficking in Women in India
    Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
    Condition of Women Working in the Unorganized Sector
    Domestic Violence in Marriage: in the light of theories of Feminist Jurisprudence
    Surrogacy Contracts
    The problem of Prostitution an Indian perspective
    Legalize Abortion In India
    Women Suffrage
    Violence against woman - Issue of Honor killing
    Rape-Texual or Psychological: The need to change Section 375 of the IPC, 1860
    Domestic Violence Act - Fundamental Rights
    Vishakha Judgement - sexual harassment at workplace
    Female Foeticide: Need To Change The Mindset of People
    Subjugation of women rights lead to violation of human rights
    Surrogate Advertisements: A New Judicial Concern
    National Commission For Women

    Criminal Law

    Capital Punishment in the light of growing phenomena of Global Terrorism
    Many countries in the world has done away with the capital punishment as they see as a violation of the Human Rights. However the truth is far from that. Terrorists are people who are not worthy of these principles, they do not hesitate to take the lives of the innocents and yet when it comes to their trials there is a worlwide hue and cry against their execution. This article examines the same highlighting the anomalies which surrounds their execution. - - Poulami Sikdar

    What will you do when police is coming to arrest you
    Circumstantial Evidence in India
    Forensic Evidence: The Legal Scenario
    Can the section 304-A of I.P.C. be a license to kill?
    Privilege Against Self - Incrimination
    S.45 of Law of Evidence and its Lacunas
    Police Firing - Perceiving the Sovereign Accountability
    Retrospective Operations of Criminal Law
    Why Do Prosecution Witnesses Turn Hostile
    Dying Declaration by Rape Victims
    Analysis of The Police Act
    Critical Analysis on Confession
    Need For A Witness Protection Programme - The Solution To The Problem of Hostile Witness
    Non-Bailable Warrants - CRPC
    Prevention of Money Laundering Act
    Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988
    Terrorism Understanding the Incomprehensible - Terrorism laws in India
    Status of Jails in Punjab
    Terrorism And Human Rights: Role of The Security Personnel And The Police
    Beyond Reasonable Doubt
    Accomplice Evidence in Sexual Offenses - Sexual Offences
    Prison Reforms In Indian Prison System
    Criminalization of Politics
    Hostile Witnesses - a Menace to the Criminal Justice Administration

    Gay Laws

    Victory for Gay Rights in India
    In a landmark ruling that could usher in an era of greater freedom for gay men and lesbians in India, New Delhi’s highest court decriminalized homosexuality. - - Manik Grover

    Homosexuality: Questions on Basic Facets of Human
    Right of Foreign Homosexuals to have a Surrogate Child in India
    Victory for Gay Rights in India
    Gender Inequality
    Gender Justice
    Decriminalization of consensual sex between adults

    Whether Section 377 of IPC Constitutionally Valid
    It is humbly submitted that the Part III of the constitution primarily carries the common theme of human right. The international conventions and the principles of natural justice also focuses on the aspect of right to life with the full of dignity and liberty - - Jagruti Dekavadiya

    Decriminalization of consensual sex between adults
    The Delhi High Court dismissed the Petition in 2004 holding that the question was merely academic and there did not lay a cause of action. A subsequent review petition was also dismissed - - Joyjyoti Mahanta

    Company law

    Laws Regulating Mergers and Acquisition In India: A merger is a combination of two companies where one corporation is completely absorbed by another corporation. The less important company loses its identity and becomes part of the more important corporation, which retains its identity.- - Prabhanshu

    Emergence of Knowledge Economy
    The Concept of Limited Liability Partnership - Application of the LLP Regime in India and its feasibility
    Is India actually developing
    Special Economic Zones
    Insider Trading And its Legal Mechanism in India - Commercial Law
    Informal Sector And Social Development In The Context of Globalization
    Strikes and Lockouts
    Chemical Disaster Management - Policy Initiatives
    Vicarious Liability of Directors And Officers on Bouncing of Cheques
    Laws Regulating Mergers And Acquisition In India
    LLP in India
    Infrastructure Investments in India
    Shareholders Agreement
    Globalization: Indian Economy
    Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds
    Winding Up of a Company - A different Legal Perspective
    Cross Border Mergers And Takeovers: A Recent Trend
    Issue of Bonus Shares
    India FDI Policy in Trading and Retailing Sector
    Special Economic Zone - What is a SEZ - Indian Economy
    Winding Up of a Company - A different Legal Perspective
    Insider Trading in India
    Takeovers - a critical analysis
    Power of Indian courts to issue Garnishee Order
    WTO and Development in Developing Countries Perspective
    Mergers In Pharma Sector - Cynosure of The New-Age Takeovers
    Trade Secret
    Covering the Operational Risk Management under Basel II in the light of COSO - ERM and Maturity Model
    Development of Cooperative Federalism In India
    Company Law Board v. Arbitral Tribunal: A Tussle For Jurisdiction
    Changing Sovereignty in the Light of WTO
    Directors of a Company in India
    Special Economic Zone A Boon For Indian Economy
    Bank Frauds in India
    Can the holder of a single share requisition the removal of the director of a company
    Corporate Insolvency & Restructuring
    SEBI on Insider Trading
    Mergers and Acquisitions: An insight into its use and purpose in the Corporate scenario
    Incorporation of companies
    Lacunae of Operational Risk
    Companies Bill, 2009
    Odious Debt
    Corporate Criminal Liability - An Analysis
    The Retail Sector In India and FDI
    To SEZ or not to SEZ
    Concept of Demat Shares - Banking Laws and Finance Law
    Share Transfer Restrictions under the Companies Act, 1956
    Overseas Acquisitions/Investments By Indian Companies
    Declaration and Distribution of Dividends by a Company
    Nomination by Shareholders of A Director From The Promoter Company
    The Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel - Application to the Government
    Buy Back of Shares
    From GATT to WTO
    External Commercial Borrowings
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Standards and Guidelines – A Legal Perspective
    Hutch Vodafone Merger - An Issue of Tax Planning
    How SEBI Should Deal With Disgorged Money
    Combating Hostile Takeovers in India
    Promoter/Promoter Group
    Foreign Direct Investment In Telecommunications Sector
    Anti-Dumping Laws
    Domicile of A Pseudo-Foreign Corporation: A Comparative Study Between American And Indian Position
    RBIs Control of Inflation - Time to look beyond Monetary Measures?
    Directors of a Company in India
    Poison Pills: Doing the vanishing act?
    Counterfeit A Global Problem
    Section 372A of the Companies Act
    Duties and Liabilities of Officers of a Company
    Concept of Most Favoured Nation Treatment Under General Agreement on Tariffs And Trade
    Listing and Delisting of Securities
    Protection of the Investors by Sebi
    Competition Protection

    Constitutional Law

    Euthanasia - S.306, IPC Constitutionally Valid
    International Status the Right to Vote
    Presidential Pardon and Judicial Review
    Indigenous Governance
    Power of Pardon
    Silence of The Lambs - Article 20(3) In Administrative Proceedings
    Silence of The Lambs - Article 20(3)
    Office of Profit: Is Parliament Empowered To Exempt Retrospectively?
    Corruption: A Menace In India
    Abuse of Public Interest Litigation - A Major Threat on Judicial Process
    Private Defence: A Right Available To All People In India
    Art and Expression shalt respect Religious Sentiments
    Bihar Assembly Dissolution Case
    42nd Constitutional Amendment: A Draconion Act of Parliament
    Constitutional Position of Jammu and Kashmir
    Separation of Powers: Its Scope And Changing Equations
    Amendability of Indian Constitution with Reference to Fundamental Rights
    Preamble: A Part of The Constitution or Not
    Plea Bargaining - A Practical Solution - The Salient Features of Plea Bargaining
    Constitutionality of Constitutional Amendment
    Democracy of Judicial Remedies
    Protection against ex-post-facto laws
    Causes For Introduction of Article 21A
    185th Report of the Law Commission of India: A Review
    Discretionary powers of the Governor in relation to granting sanction for the prosecution of Public Servants
    Is Personal Liberty a hindrance upon the development of a nation?
    Role of Writs In The Administrative Law
    Right To Die
    Limits of Judicial Review in India
    Corruption in Decentralised Governance: A case study of K.G. Halli, Karnataka
    Abrogation of Article 370 – A Myth or Reality
    Suicide and Euthanasia
    Powers of High Court to entertain election petitions
    Supreme Court is the final Pedestal for justice
    Hung Parliament - Parliament in India
    Euthanasia and Human Rights - Euthanasia illegal in India
    Article 370: Diagnosis And Prognosis of The Special Status of J and K
    Article 21 and Constitutional validity of Right to Die
    Free expression is the fundamental fountain-head of democracy
    Right to Vote Vs Right Not to Vote
    Judicial Accountability and Separation of Power
    Article 12 - Constitution
    Public Interest Litigation
    Amendment of Indian Constitution - Article 368
    Right to Food and Development
    To Kill or Not To Kill
    Public Interest Litigation
    Indian Secularism And Subsidy For Religious Populism
    Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
    Balance of Power in International Relations


    Exchange of organs or Exchange of Money? People do not give a damn to Religion
    Licensing and Access to Medicine in Developing Countries
    Narco Analysis: A Volcano In Criminal Investigation System
    Medical Negligence - Medical Negligence Judgments
    Genetic Engineering- A Casual Acquaintance
    Medical Negligence in India
    Organ Transplantation Law In India
    Truth detection methods: Its legality and scientific validity
    Article 20(3) of Constitution of India And Narco Analysis
    Organ Transplantation And Its Legal Prospects
    Clinical Trails In India
    Is Narco Analysis a Reliable Science? – Present Legal Scenario In India
    Human Organs Transplantation in India - HOTA, 1994

    Intellectual Property

    Is India Geared Up For Business Method Patent:
    Today technology is changing expeditiously. New technical inventions are taking place in huge number. These new inventions open new field of subject-matter for protection under Intellectual Property Law - - Apoorva Yadav

    Trade Secrets- As an intellectual property and its protection
    YouTube case
    Software Patenting
    Patentability Criteria of An Invention And When It Is Not Granted
    Competition Law and Intellectual Property Laws
    Is India Geared Up For Business Method Patent
    Intellectual Property and Traditional knowledge
    Trademark Infringement and Passing Off
    Trademark Protection in India
    Advertising and Trademark Infringement
    Comparative Advertising laws
    Controversy of Section 3(D) of The Indian Patent Act
    Patent And Its Effect In India
    Patenting Recent Biotechnological Inventions
    Pharmaceutical Product Patents
    IPR And Enforcement Mechanism
    Geographical Indications
    A Comparative Analysis of the Designs Act 1911 and the Designs Act 2000
    Business Method Patents
    Using Manufacturer Trademarks on Compatible Consumables
    Peter Scott or Scotch - Deceptive Similarity in Trademark laws
    TRIPS: Consequences For Developing Countries
    Compulsory Licensing - Bridging The Chasm Between Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Law
    Whether Patent Law Protects Biotechnological Inventions
    Challenges to India’s Patent Regime: Pharma Industry
    Intellectual Property: The dominant force in economic development
    Protecting Trade Marks: Madrid Protocol and India

    Cyber Law

    Data Protection Law In India
    Probes into data protection & its Indian perspective ,Data Protection Law In Respect of Information Technology Enabled Services, its significance and challenges citing various instances of the frauds & mishaps - - Swati Sinha

    Evidentiary Value of E-Contracts
    Role of Law in E-governance
    Cyber Crime And Law - Indian Perspective
    Data Protection Act - Its Need In India
    Data Protection Law In India
    Internet Linking - Stride of Copyright With Technology
    Data Exclusivity Law
    Digital Signatures
    Data Retention Policies - An Emerging Requirement and Various Compliances
    Does India have a Data Protection law?
    Cyber Crimes and General Principles
    Data Theft in Cyber Space – Issues and Laws
    Servers and Routers in India by a foreign entity
    Identity Theft
    Breach of privacy and Confidentiality under information Technology Act, 2000
    Domain Tasting - A Profiteering Venture
    Cyber Terrorism- The Dark Side of the Web World
    Legal I.T -India for Back Office Operations
    Cyber Terrorism and Various Legal Compliances
    Protecting Domain Names as Trade Marks in India
    Cyber Crimes and Cyber Law - the Indian perspective

    Tax Laws

    Treatment of Cash Credit under Section 68 of Income Tax Act, 1961
    Residence and Intentions under Tax Laws
    New Dimension to India Taxation Policy
    Taxing Power In Democracy
    Fringe Benefit Tax
    Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements
    Capital Gains Tax and Joint Development Agreement
    International Tax
    Power To Tax In Territorial Waters
    Fringe benefit tax and emphasis on its constitutional validity
    Household Savings - tax law in India
    Application of Income - Tax law
    Business Connections-Under section 9 of Income Tax Act 1961
    Does Dividend Distribution Tax amount to Double Taxation
    OECD Project on Harmful Tax Competition
    Online Defamation and Various Legal Issues
    Constitutional Law: Distribution of Revenues
    Vat In Asia Pacific
    Royalty and Taxability Under Vat Laws
    Tax implications in a product loan transaction

    Immigration Law

    Future of Indian Immigration:
    Globalization, which helps businesses expand into new international markets, is eroding nation’s virtual borders through the Internet and blurring its geographic borders as the global mobility of resources and people is on the rise. - - Poorvi Chothani
    NRI Grievances Redressal Mechanism in India
    Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs - offers customized solutions to address the varied expectations of the diverse overseas Indian community; Protector General of Emigrants - System devised for hearing grievances; NRI Cells; Non-Governmental Forums - - Slahuddin Ahmed

    Consumer Laws

    Consumerism in the Globalized world:
    It would be in fitness of the fact to recall the greatest of Arab historians, Ibn Khaldun saying: “That in civilization there is a limit that cannot be overstepped. - - Pankaj Bansiwal and Jitendra Bansiwa

    Medical Malpractice in India
    Services Consumer Protection Act
    Electronic agents are helpful and without risks for business as well as Consumers
    Supreme Court and Medical Negligence Necessary Protection

    Unethical Drug Promotion:
    This article aims to identify the aspects and practices which form a potential threat to consumers due to unethical drug promotion. - - Shubhang Setlur

    Phenomenon of Consumerism:
    Today, consumer is called the king of the market. He is at the centre stage of all market activities. It is constant endeavour of producers that the production of product must conform to the needs of consumer. In addition to the satisfaction of consumer, it also the endeavour of producer that their sale should be maximum. - - Abhishek Vinod Deshmukh

    Torts Laws In India

    Torts In India: The law of torts in India is mainly inspired by the English law of torts. The application of the English law of torts has however been selective to suit the Indian conditions. Tort law largely plays the function of aiding in the development of the judicial system - - Ms. Bhuvana Veeraragavan

    Tortious Remedies - Injunction
    Minors In Torts
    Mass Torts and MNC Liability
    Vicarious Liability of Employers in Sexual torts committed by employees - CEDAW
    Torts in India
    Malicious Prosecution under Law of Tort

    Case Laws

    Analysis of The Case of Avena And Other Mexican Nationals (Mexico V. USA):
    The judgment of the International Court of Justice in Avena and Other Mexican Nationals (Mexico v United States of America) considers the obligations that a state bears towards detained foreign nationals under art 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

    De Penning v/s Coramandal Indag Products
    State of Bihar v/s Bihar Pensioner Samaj
    Danial-Latifi v/s Union of India
    Waman Rao Vs Union of India - Certaining the Uncertainty - An Analysis
    The State of Madras vs. Smt. Champakam Dorairajan
    Salem Advocates Bar Association v. Union of India
    L. C. Golaknath V. State of Punjab - Initial stage of Judicial Activism
    Avena and Other Mexican Nationals - Mexico v/s USA
    Back log of cases- Problem and Solution
    Decriminalization of consensual sex between adults - An Analysis of Naz Foundation Case
    Indian Railway Construction Co. Ltd. v/s Ajay Kumar
    KK Modi v/s KN Modi - (1998 AIR SC 1297)
    Bhatia International v/s. Bulk Trading S.A. (2002)4 SCC 105
    Priya Patel v/s State of M.P
    M.C. Mehta v. Union of India - Article 12 of the constitution
    I.R.Coelho v/s State of Tamil Nadu A Judicial Challenge
    I. R. Cohelo Vs. State of Tamil Nadu: Relating To 9th Schedule Under Indian Constitution
    Case Comment on SK. Shukla V State of Uttar Pradesh
    S. R. Bommai v. Union of India

    Environmental laws

    The Principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibility in Environmental Law
    Environmental Degradation and its Protection
    Global Warming
    Human Rights, Environment And Industrial Disaster A Stand on India
    Interpretation of Polluter Pays Principle (PPP) In India
    Domestic Waste: Hazard To The Life And Its Effect on Human Being
    Water Management - Law And Policy In India
    Public Participation in Environment Impact Assessment
    Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge
    Article 21 of Indian Constitution- A Mandate To Pollution Free Environment
    The Kyoto Dilemma - UNFCCC
    Environment: Ethics, Laws and its Conservation
    Combating Noise Pollution in India
    Food For Few-Thought For Others

    Education law:

    Abolish Reservation Because Merit and Efficiency are in Danger
    Education - a Fundamental Right of a child
    Disability and Education in India
    School Bags And Family Baggage - School laws in India
    Reservation in India
    Free and Compulsory education for every Child at last
    Review of Reservation Policy
    Legal Education to Meet Challenges of Globalisation

    Elderly law:

    Abandonment during Sunset Years - Elderly Law
    Rights of Senior Citizen - The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill, 2007


    Title of Films and Books
    Celebrity Rights
    Copyright Infringement in Cyberspace and Network Security - A Threat To E-Commerce
    Does perfume smell have its own copyright
    Copyright and the Language of Property
    Legal Dimensions of Information Technology - issues of copyright
    Plagiarism in India
    Intellectual theft- an essay on Plagiarism
    Copyright in Judgments - Present judicial standing in India
    Making the Most of Copyright in the UK

    Civil Laws:

    Appeals from Original Decrees - Section 96
    Appeals - Section 96 of Code of Civil Procedure - Appeal From Original Decrees
    The Law of Outer Space
    Watching Television with family: A Sociological Analysis
    Inherent Power of the Court to Grant Restitution
    Breach of Confidentiality and Various Legal Issues
    Sec 17 of Indian-Registration Act, 1908
    Predatory Pricing


    Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 on Dishonour of Security Cheques
    Dishonour of Cheque in India
    E-Cheque System in India: A Distant Reality

    Disability laws:

    Persons with Disabilities- Rights, Rehabilitation and Resource Development

    Gender Laws:

    Transgender Participation and Discrimination in the Sports field
    Legal Position of Eunuchs
    Comparative Study on Gender Justice


    Role of Surveyor in Insurance claim
    Link between Insurer and Insured
    Vague and Uncertain Insurance Policy
    Insurance Companies in India
    Third Party Insurance in India

    Human Rights:

    International Human Rights and Transnational Corporation
    The Living Mother of the Dead: Waiting Blindly in Search of Justice
    Human Rights of Vulnerable Sections
    Human Rights of Person In Persistent Vegetative State

    Legal Aid & Lok Adalat:

    Working of Statute of Legal Aid in India
    Legal Aid in India
    Role of Legal Services Authority In Contemporary Scenario (Jharkhand)
    Legal Aid in India
    Lok Adalat and Perspective of Paribarik Mahila Lok Adalat
    Role of Advocates In Implementation of Legal Aid Schemes
    Delay and Arrear Reduction in ADR
    Legal Aid - A Myth or Reality
    Legal Aid Movement: Its Development and Present Scenario
    Legal Aid In India

    Minority laws:

    Minorities Rights
    Granting Cultural and Education Rights to The Minority in India
    Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act
    Indigenous population still carvings for their basic amenities

    International law:

    Judiciary of England and Wales
    Few facts on American Judiciary
    United Nation & Security Council
    International Criminal Court and Universal jurisdiction
    Genocide Under International Criminal Law
    Establishing the International Criminal Court
    Foreign Investors, Ukrainian Markets
    Monarchy To Democracy In Bhutan
    Is Illegality an obsolete concept in International Law
    The Challenge For The International Criminal Court: Terrorism
    Outer Space - Legal Perspective

    Juvenile laws:

    Media and Child Protection: Indian Scenario
    Psychological Effects of Poverty in Children
    Child Witness
    Child Labour with special reference to construction business
    Child Labour laws in India - Juvenile Laws
    Juvenile Justice-A Comparative Study with U.K
    Adoption under Juvenile Justice Act: a clarion call to secularism

    Labour Law - Employment Law

    A Study of Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act, 1970
    The Removal of Bonded Labour System in India
    Right To Employment of Persons Living With Hiv/Aids


    A Critique of Limited Liability Partnership Bill, 2006
    Choice of Law by the Parties to the Contract
    Section 55-Goodwill of Parties: an overview by cases

    Information Act:

    Right To Know And Right To Information
    Right to Information and its implementation through social group work
    Right To Information: Tool In The Hand of Public - Public Information Officers - PIOs
    Right To Information
    Right to Information in India
    Right to Information Act, 2005
    Right to Information - An Anti-Corruption Tool
    Exemptions from disclosure of information under RTI

    Competition Law:

    Competition Protection
    Competition Act, 2002: An Incomplete Act
    The Competition Law, 2002 and Its Development Factors


    Alternate Dispute Resolution And The Common Man
    Perspective of Alternate Dispute Resolution

    Health law:

    Whether Section 377 of IPC Constitutionally Valid - Right to Health - Privacy - Human Dignity
    How section 312 of IPC read with the Medical termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 infringe the right to life of the mother?

    Maritime law

    Charter Party - Admiralty and Maritime Laws in India

    Wildlife laws

    Forest Management In India

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